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  Cutting machine, type examination (Unique feature for Japan)
Industrial Safety and Health Law requires the following obligations concerning the manufacture, sale and operation of the cutting machine to the manufacturer or employer.

●The cutting machine is designated as a machine that must be equipped with safety device. Use of the cutting machine without safety device is prohibited.
●For the cutting machine, type approval by a testing organization and indication of the approval are necessary.
→Machine designated in ordinance; safety device of press machine or shearing machine
→Safety device type examination
Industrial Safety and Health Law (excerpts)
Chapter V. Regulations concerning Machines, etc. and Harmful Substances
Section 1. Regulations concerning Machines

(Type Examination)
One who has manufactured or imported a machine which is listed in Appended Table 4 and designated by the Cabinet Order shall have such manufactured or imported machine undergo the type examination to be conducted by the party registered by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare (hereinafter referred to as the “registered type examination agency”) as prescribed by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

(5) A person who has undergone the type examination, when he has manufactured or imported the machines, etc., which have passed the type examination in Japan shall, as provided for by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, affix a label indicating the fact of having passed the type examination to the machines, etc., which have passed the said examination.

(7) Those machines, etc., designated in main clause of paragraph (1), without the label designated in paragraph (5), shall not be used.

Appended Table 4 (Related to Article 44-2)
(1) Among the emergency stopping device of rolling mills for kneading rubber, rubber compounds or synthetic resin, the one having the braking mechanism other than the electrical system
(2) Safety device for press machine or shearing machine
(3) Explosion proof electrical apparatus
(4) Overload preventive device for crane or mobile crane
(5) Dust respirator
(6) Gas mask
(7) Movable contact preventive device for teeth of wood working circular saw
(8) Among powered press machines, the one having the mechanism to prevent the danger due to slide
(9) Automatic electrical shock preventive device for arc-welding equipment
(10) Personal insulating protective equipment
(11) Insulating device
(12) Safety helmet