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【Engineering force】Cutting-machine manufacturer that can readily respond to requirements from paper to various materials (workpieces)
Objects we can cut include not only paper but the grip of golf clubs, fishing rods, industrial plastics and other various materials (workpieces). The cutting know-how introduced at “Large Cutting” is widely used for the cutting of various materials (workpieces). Thickness unique for the material (workpiece) and complex resistance. Functions more challenging than those needed for paper are required. To meet these cutting needs carefully, we not only remodel paper-cutting machines but also develop original machines for specific materials. Due to the history and accumulated cutting know-how (knowledge), we can flexibly and readily meet customers’ requirements for cutting operation.
【Reliability and records】 Manufacturer of cutting machines boasting the largest number of machines sold in Japan and also being reputed in the world
The network of “Large Cutting” reaches every area on the globe including Europe, North America, South America, Near and Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia. We started cutting-machine manufacture business in 1919 and we sell the largest number of cutting machines in Japan.
【Safety】 Manufacturer of user-friendly, safe cutting machine
The machine indispensable for the printing, binding and paper crafting industries is the cutting machine. Fast, accurate, beautiful and safe. A strict level of safety is needed for the cutting machine. Various epoch-making functions have been produced one after another to decrease the burden of labor and increase the productivity and efficiency: “phototube safety device” that blocks starting if a foreign matter is sensed beneath the cutter, safety device for blocking double descent of the cutter and enhancing the safety of the “lock function,” and “paper feed and discharge system” that lessens operator’s burden.
【Labor saving】 Manufacturer of cutting machines saving labor through computer control
Our cutting machine using computer control has been highly reputed as an epoch-making system due to the high performance, safety, and the potential of innovating the history of the cutting machine. These technologies are proliferating to other manufacturers because they are now indispensable for the cutting machine. We promote a more integrated computer-aided cutting system through combination of the paper feed and discharge system to innovate the computer-aided cutting machine.
【Adaptability】 Manufacturer of cutting machines having solid maintenance system